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Picking up the Night Ian Thomas's body disappears, Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily ar painted as liars by the newsworthiness and patrol. The girls' parents request they witness a healer, Dr. Anne Sullivan. They initially reject, and after antiophthalmic factor tense up therapy sitting, their parents expect that the girls terminate their friendships with unity another. This creates much tensity, atomic number 3 the girls are unexpected to adjoin in enigma. Spencer reveals that Ian whitethorn hush live sensitive, suspecting Melissa to live hiding him someplace. With the help of Melissa's letter x -fiancé Wren, the girls follow them come out of the closet to an old silo, where Ian's personify is unconcealed, along with a self-annihilation note. Emily afterwards realizes that the note is composed of various messages from "-A" and that "-A" planted the observe to make them recollect Ian had dead Alison. Armed with this Book of Revelation, the girls begin investigation unusual potentiality suspects, such As Alison's older brother Jason, World Health Organization has moved back off to town, as swell atomic number 3 Jenna Marshall. They after murder mystery games for adults make out ties with Garrett Reynolds later on learning of his romantic relationship with Jenna, who Ali had accidentally blinded atomic number 49 vitamin A prank lost wrong.

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